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Moko Lesney Matchbox MIB GI Joe HISS & SMS from Sears

Here is an sample of the first boxes made by Lesney (Matchbox) which contains model # 16 a. Value MIB $80-100  

A HISS and SMS,  GI Joe vehicule for  3" 3/4 figurine.  Rare, since manufactured  exclusively for SEARS. Value (Ex) $80-100


           Welcome in the toy section. We have displayed or are preparing pages to help you to classify or identify your favorite toys. If you own such antiques and vintage toys and would like to sell them,  we are always ready to buy in the Montreal area. Here is a list of subjects treated and which are of concern to us (or will eventually be dealt with).

Transformers Buzzsaw & Soundwave MIB by Hasbro Corgi MIB

Buzzsaw and Sundwave, Transformers G1, 1984, MIB. Approximate value $150-175.

Red Jaguar # 335, Corgi Toys, MIB, $120-140

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